About Darshan Road

Walking Home Together

Darshan Road is an international hub of hard-hitting psychology and personal development with a pinch of spirituality. Darshan Road helps the happiness-hungry who are done with drama and ready to discover their true potential.


Andey & Rosa, the heart and soul behind Darshan Road, have worked with numerous clients world-wide to transform their lives, take back their power and reveal their hidden potential. Working one-to-one with clients online from their base in Mexico, Andey & Rosa have helped people who are hungry to discover their true potential to transform their lives.

From the down-trodden and ostracised to the life-shaken and directionless, Andey & Rosa have been the support and compassion that their clients needed to take back the power and see their vision of life realised.

Although the work Andey & Rosa do together began as energy work and readings, it evolved to become so much more. Working separately and together over the years, they found that what their clients really needed wasn’t energy reading. While energy work gave their clients a window to make huge positive change in their lives, it became clear that Darshan Road was destined to be so much more.

Following their assertion that energy work was only a small part of a larger picture, Andey & Rosa began to work with their clients more closely. Instead of only offering coaching off the back of their Spirit Guide Readings, Chakra Readings and Rune Castings, they began to coach clients who were in difficult situations and desperate to get out of them. As this began to grow and as they began to reach more happiness-hungry people and help them get the clarity to change their lives, the next step for their work became clear.

Bckground and face-01More and more it was obvious that there was 1 main problem for the sensitive and happiness-hungry people Andey & Rosa were working with. The problem was that of all the information available on how to hone psychic abilities, there was not enough of the right information on how to actually use intuition and sensitivity in regular human life situations. What that meant was that sensitive and empathic people were getting broken down by their lives. It meant that sensitive, empathic people were not able to build lives that were set up to give them what they needed. And it meant that these same people were not able to offer their abilities to the people that needed them.

So, Andey & Rosa saw what Darshan Road was to become. It was to become an online hub for hard-hitting psychology and personal development with a pinch of spirituality to help the sensitive, empathic and happiness-hungry to build lives for themselves that give them zero drama and zero energy drainage and maximum fulfilment.

If you’re sensitive, empathic and happiness-hungry, start your journey to realising your full potential now with a FREE GIFT.

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One thought on “About Darshan Road

  1. Hi! I’m a good friend of Britt McCann’s of 7 years. She reffered me to you. Guys for a possible free reading. Would like to hear of your other services. 🙂


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